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We Best Serve..

Private-owned businesses that have been in operation at least three years, and have annual revenues of $500,000 to $50 million. 

Companies that are..

Motivated to actively accelerate profits and net equity, and change the future.

What Would YOU Do With $10M More from Your Business?


"Pay yourself more?  Invest more in your business?  Pay down debt? Take a real vacation?  Start a  $3MillionMore Plan? We recommend all of them!"

Shawn Kieley, PerFect Financial Inc

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Increased Net Equity $10M in Two Years


"One of my first PFI clients uncovered $765,000 in additional profit on $5 million in revenue (15.3%).   Over two years, we increased their valuation over $10 million.  It's one of the highest ROI activities I've ever done with my clients."  

Corey Hansen, MScOD, Hot100Business

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