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Shawn Kieley, Business Financial Advisor


  • Shawn Kieley is the founder of PerFect Financial Inc., and a highly regarded financial advisor, educator, and author. Shawn is best known for developing the PerFect Financial "$3MillionMore Plan" (TM), to help businesses and families, with cash flow of $500,000+  increase their cash reserves $1 million to $4 million, usually within 120 months.

    Shawn’s most recent book; The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security, (2013) was published by Celebrity Branding. Shawn identifies and addresses the ”10 Wealth Destroyers” that must be overcome, to build a truly sustainable financial future.

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Corey Hansen, Business Financial Advisor


  • Corey is a business financial advisor,  and founder of Hot100Business. Corey has worked with over 1,000 business leaders to accelerate profit, and sustainable revenue growth. A growing number have made it to prestigious "fastest-growing" lists, such as the Inc 500/5000, the SBA Small Business of the Year, the Business Journal Hot 100 and many others. One of his most successful clients, went from startup to sale, to Electronic Arts for $1.3 billion. His goal is to help business leaders accelerate personal wealth of $10M and more, up to 20 years faster. Corey is co-author of the book, “Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs.”  (2006-2019), and has been featured in Inc.Magazine. Corey and his team focus on higher-potential businesses primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

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